Ending violence against women and girls

For this year’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women SEEN is publishing articles today and over the next few days by four of our general members (outside our network leadership team), three of whom must remain anonymous.

Trigger warning: As these blogs are to mark the IDEVAW, they necessarily refer to violence against women including domestic abuse, rape and femicide.

#1 “16 days of activism”

Our first post sets out some of the very sobering facts around this “oldest and most pervasive of problems”, and delves into its societal context.

#2 “The judicial system is trying – is it succeeding?”

Benjamyn Damazer in Department for Business & Trade reflects on the shifts he has witnessed in his long experience as a magistrate and special constable.

#3 “A personal account”

A SEEN member shares the powerful and moving story of her experience survivng an abusive relationship, and its ongoing impact on her life.

#4 “Language matters”

The final post examines the recent trend towards censoring sex-based language - in particular ‘woman’ and ‘women’ - and how this hinders efforts to end violence against women and girls.


Cover photo by UN Women on Flickr (licence)